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Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z

Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
(Pretty Things Press, November 2004)

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Have you ever felt the delicious thrill of lying across a lover's lap and getting spanked good and hard? Or been the one doing the spanking, enjoying the sting as your hand collides with your lover's ass? Or have you simply dreamed about the gorgeous heated generated by a truly perfect spanking? If so, this book's for you! Naughty Spanking Stories From A to Z has it ALL, from disobedient students and stern mistresses to kinky cops, panties and pigtails, along with men and women who simply love getting spanked!

With stories by acclaimed writers plus a daring foreword by noted sex educator Violet Blue, this book will have you itching to bend over and bare your bottom!

Table of Contents

Bonus Stories : Natalie by Michael Hemmingson and You Want That Spanking by Rakelle Valencia

Publisher: Pretty Things Press

Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 2

Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 2

edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
(Pretty Things Press, September 2005)

Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 2 is coming in September and is even longer, hotter and filled with more spanking smut than the first one! Here's the table of contents to whet your appetite:

Table of Contents

Bonus Stories:

Reviews and Praise for Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z

From Blowfish.com (where you can now buy Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z)

Twenty-eight stories (one for each letter of the alphabet, plus two bonus tales) that feature one of our favorite naughty acts (though what naughty act isn't one of our favorites?): spanking! From sweet over-the-knee spankings to full-on BDSM scenes, from stories about being spanked (and wanked) during a doctor's visit to stories featuring a steaming hot husband and wife caning scene (followed by a spanking, fear not), these stories run the gamut of spanking scenes, with lots of sex thrown in to make each one fresh and hot hot hot! If spanking is one of *your* favorite things, this just might be your must-have anthology. Recommended!

From Bootyparlor.com (where you can also buy Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z)

Whether you're a spankee, spanker, or both, this book will give you "hands on" excitement. Naughty schoolgirl? Check. Cop using extreme force? You bet. Besides the usual tales of spanking woes and whoa's, read "Bend" by Tenille Brown which illustrates a woman who seeks revenge on a cheating fiancé through a belt, and "Inventory Control" which is highlights a husband and wife team finding time to connect while running a business together.

L. Elise Bland's story "Every Good Boy Deserves Favors" from Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z is reprinted in Best American Erotica 2006, edited by Susie Bright (Touchstone, 2006).

Debra Hyde's story "Only A Woman's Touch" from Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z is included in Best Lesbian Erotica 2006 edited by Tristan Taormino (Cleis Press, 2005).

From The Morning News

"Would you like to teach a youngster the consequences of engaging in naughty behavior and help him master the alphabet at the same time? Then you certainly canít go wrong with Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z. I havenít read it myself, but it sounds like the perfect gift for an underage child, emphasizing (I assume) the importance of both discipline and literacy. Why, I think Iíll pick up a few copies for the company holiday party and give them to my coworkersí children. Although Iíll admit to being a little irked that none of them wrote me thank-you notes last year, and after I thoughtfully gave them all Hitachi Magic Wands to use in their Harry Potter playacting."

The Daily Cal recommends Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z as a stocking stuffer!

"Give a little love smack to your lover's winter reading list with this collection of titillating tales. Turn the pages to find delightfully dirty stories full of fun spanking ideas to try out with your partner. If you and your main squeeze will be parting ways over winter break, you can still make a heated bedtime story session out of these erotic vignettes."

Read the interview with me about Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z at Bookmouth.com

From AVN, July 2005

"For people who are passionate about this particular fetish, the book couldn't be better. It's definitely slanted to a very narrow niche. But everyone can marvel at the multiplicity of situations and countless variations on this very basic theme that are conjured up by these 27 imaginative writers."

From the June 2005 issue of Curve, review by Rachel Pepper:

"Book reviewers are constantly inundated with all manner of erotica. Some, like the annual Best Lesbian Erotica series, are dependable in quality and wide-ranging in scope. Others are less so. Occasionally, one pops out and begs for attention, which is the case with Naughty Spanking Stories From A to Z, edted by Rachel Kramer Bussel--an avid fan of spanking. In fact, she tells us in the book's introduction that two of the book's authors have spanked her, although she does not divulge which ones. Bussel has gathered a titillating, well-written collection focusing on the pleasures and pain of various types of spanking. Although most stories are not lesbian-orietned, they're hot eneough that the genders don't really matter. Dyke content includes Debra Hyde's "Only a Woman's Touch," narrated by a butch whose girlfriend occasionally sends her to a dominatrix when she gets into a "certain funk" worse than "witch, bitch and PMS combined." A good spanking brings her back from that sorry state. Lucky for us, we can read all about it in this new collection."

From Sexherald.com, review by Heather Otrando

"Other highlights include Sacchi Green's "White Tigress, Scarlet Stripes," a piece of historical erotica that centers on a wealthy Chinese household whose mistress is rumored to be trying to obtain immortality, and L. Elise Bland's "Every Good Boy Deserves Favors," a story about a piano teacher that shows just how true that mnemonic can be.

Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z is an exceptionally well-edited volume: Rachel Kramer Bussel has managed to compile a book that not only ranges widely, but that never seems to fall flat. In some edited volumes, stories that are both well-written and sexy seem to alternate with stories where the sex is bland, or where the author can't seem to string together coherent paragraphs; this never happens here. And some added appeal, for those who are sexually omnivorous: stories in this book feature sex that's diverse and whether it's queer, hetero, coupled, or polyamorous, it's always well done."

From On Our Backs, review by Bridget Cannon

"I'm a spanker; I like giving a few hard whacks now and then but it's never been as involved for me as the stories in this collection. For the spanking afficionado, this book has it all: fanciful scenarios, straight-up spank-fests, and characters whose world revolves around spanking. A lot of the content is directed at a straight readership, but it's still a good read--my only objection being that in many of the stories orgasms occur as an afterthought."

From Cleansheets.com, by Shanna Germain

"At that rate, it took me a while to get through all 28 stories (the alphabet, plus two extra) in the collection -- you can only get near-naked so many times a day and still be "working." But by the time I finally finished, I had a newfound appreciation for all the ways in which spanking -- and being spanked -- is a turn-on. There is the joy that comes from dealing out discipline, illustrated in stories such as "Every Good Boy Deserves Favors," in which a piano teacher finds a new way to instruct her student, and in "Quiet Evening at Home," where two women give their cheating man a little red-handed revenge.

The best thing about the book is that it isn't just another collection of erotica that revolves around a specific erotic theme. Instead, Bussel has compiled a collection of stories that uses spanking as a platform from which to explore the "Three Ps" of sex play: power, pain, and pleasure. Through these stories, the collection looks at what we give up -- and what we gain -- in pursuit of these things."

From Good Vibrations' website:

"This book has been a huge "hit" around the office! If you like spanking, are a bit curious, or just want a plethora of spanking ideas to try at home, this well-written and extremely explicit collection of stories from acclaimed authors delivers the goods. Officers and captives, school settings and fun at-home fantasies make this anthology a ribald read and one of our all-time favorites."

From Good Vibrations, Tips & Tricks for Heating Up Your Spring! by CeeCee & Molly

"Naughty Spanking Stories from A-Z has a great collection of steamy stories to inspire your imagination while you wait for room service."

From Erotica Readers & Writers Association, review by Gary Russell

"The calibre of the stories herein and the overall tone of the anthology, playfully x-rated rather than pornographically sadistic, is definitely an enticer to experience the ever popular past-time of spanking. If you're an admirer of blushing behinds ablaze with the patterns of handprints, than no better place to start than with this raunchy, literary, and imaginatively diverse anthology on spanking...

"I would add that all the stories in this anthology, although all centred around the same concept, are uniquely set apart from one another, highly charged, and leave you both satiated and wanting more. Read this book. Feel the sparks fly."

From Allsexreviews.com

"The book contains 28 stories, 26 stories from A to Z plus 2 bonustories. Out of 28 stories, I couldn't read all the way through 3 of them, that's not bad at all! I've read other Best of Erotica books and compilations like that where I couldn't read a lot of the stories because the subject matter covered so much that it started to embark on territory I wasn't interested in or comfortable with. So in comparison, this book was great and totally lives up to the hype! It was also a quick read and an easy read. Most stories were about 10 pages, give or take a page or two and I believe most stories were under that."

"I commend Rachel for her wonderful job of editing. I wasn't sure?f every story was going to just have spanking or if the book would contain all kinds of SM play and that concerned me. I'm not into the real hardcore stuff, so if it was, I was going to have a difficult time reviewing it. Thankfully, it was not. She said it was a spanking book and she damn well stuck to stories highlighting that.

"Even though this book was total fiction, it still gave my mind some naughty ideas to incorporate into my own sex life. It also really got me in the mindset of getting back into?SM play. My boyfriend and I always had a great time spanking and tying each other up, but we haven't done it in years. Thanks to this book, I'm feeling extremely inspired!"

From "Sexy Gift Guide 5.0," "Pucker Up" column by Tristan Taormino, The Village Voice

"Spanking's always in style; warm up your partner's ears with tales from Naughty Spanking Stories From A to Z edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel."

From Greenwich Village Gazette, review by Ernesto Barteldes

It has been said that whatever two consenting adults do (sexually speaking) in the between four walls is their own business, and that was the frame of mind I put myself in as I approached Naughty Spanking Stories From A to Z (Pretty Things Press, 244 pages, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel), a collection on the topic of spanking as a sexual enhancer from heterosexual, gay and lesbian points of view.

"I must confess that I did not really know what to expect from this collection. My knowledge of erotic literature is mostly restricted to stories by Anais Nin and The Story of O.

"My first impression was the quality presented by the stories' authors(there are 30 in all). Where I expected crassness, I sometimes found something close to art. For example, in Sacchi Greens' "White Tigress, Scarlet Stripes" we are taken to what seems to be early 20th century China, where a young girl named Red Lotus is taken into service by a courtesan who - yes, punishes her clients instead of servicing them as the usual prostitute would do. The language is refined, and sexual organs are referred to through clever metaphors:

"When she rose to her knees and parted the young man's robes, though, neither he or I had thought for anything else. With delicate fingers she drew forth his stiffening Jade Stem and stroked from scrotum to tip, urging him to greater engorgement with practiced touch"

Two of my favorite moments in the book are "Quiet Evening at Home" and "Her Beautiful Long Overcoat." In the first story, by Lisabet Sarai, two women take revenge on their two-timing boyfriend(they find out when both knock on his door at the same time by handcuffing him to a bar stool while they give his ass the whopping of a lifetime, leaving him helplessly watching as the story is taken to a completely different direction.

On the latter, by Bill Noble, a Howard Dean Democrat rides along with his girlfriend and?a California Republican gentleman to a BDSM nightclub, where she will be submitted to floggings, electrocutions and other forms of torture. The Democrat has to quietly watch - something he agreed to do after having relentlessly begged to the girl to go along every time she went to these mysterious get-togethers. What I loved about that story is the way that the first-person narrator tells the story without ever straying from the political lines drawnearly on:

"The driver was Caryl Leverett, a sixty-something venture capitalist and one of California's most relentless Republican fundraisers(I'm a penniless liberal; at my lover's request, I'd left my Dean button in the dresser drawer). The flickering streetlight transformed Caryl's snowy hair into an improbably cherubic halo."

"Naughty Spanking Stories" is an interesting book even if the whole pain thing is not your thing. Just don't make the mistake of taking the book into the subway without a dust cover to mask its real containts. While reading this one, I got my share of dirty looks from those sitting across from me on the 7 train."

From Toys in Babeland:

"This anthology will keep you (pleasantly) on the edge of your seat with stories of sexy spankings written by Michael Hemmingson, Tsaurah Litzky, Bill Noble, Lisabet Sarai, and many other noted authors. The 'naughty and nice' characters include a dominant female piano teacher, a stern officer of the law, and even Santa Claus makes an appearance."